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Re: [Fwd: Re: QA hacking in Helsinki?]

Hi Luk, hi List,

> No, not that I know of. There was an idea to organise a seperate
> QA meeting in Germany in August (I think Martin Zobel-Helas had
> the idea? I don't know/remember if he plans to come to debconf [CCed])

yes, there is some ongoing planing for a QA event in this years August
or early September in Darmstadt. I would like to have something like a
mini-QA-Debconf, where we also have some speakers to give some talks.
Therefore i was just preparing some CfP for next week, when Andi queried
me on IRC and pointed me to your posting.

I am currently planing for either 19th-21st of August or 2nd-4th of
September. This depends a bit on our university as well as on a few
people, like aba, djpig, tbm, and jvw. It is not easy to get all of them
together on one weekend... *g*

I was also trying to organize some sponsoring for this event, which is
not yet finalized...

I am also coming to DebConf5 but do not know 'til now, if i am coming a
week earlier...


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