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Re: Bug#274451: O: metamail -- An implementation of MIME

* Christoph Berg <cb@df7cb.de> [2004-12-22 22:03]:
> > Why?  It has a history of security issues and we should try to get rid
> > of it.
> After having a look at various other MIME-related packages it looks
> like metamail didn't do what I expected it in the first line, and
> furthermore, the "mimencode" functionality is provided by various
> other packages (e.g. mime-codecs).
> Getting rid of it looks hard though, it is depended-on heavily and
> popcon lists it as installed on ~25% of the machines participating.

It would be nice if some QA person could start filing bugs on the
packages which recommend/depend on metamail.  I've done it on a few
about a year ago but I don't think I've done it for all of them.
Maybe someone could also investigate what in metamail those programs
need exactly and if there isn't an alternative already, such as
mime-codecs (see e.g. #213443).

Martin Michlmayr

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