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Bug#117453: [wnpp cleanup round] Please confirm interest in ITP of Debian package


wnpp needs a little cleanup. Thus, your ITP will be retitled to an RFP 
in 30 days, unless the original submitter, current owner, or somebody 
else within that 30 day time frame confirms interest in the ITP by 
actively working on packaging.

Confirmation of interest is sent as follow-up to <ITP#>@bugs.debian.org 
and preferably CC me. That way it's easier for me to track which ITPs 
should be retitled (alternatively, do the retitling yourself (and CC 
me). Thanks in advance.

Justification: ITP was submitted more than 1000 days ago, and there has 
been no real activity/progress for a long, long time.

If you think I'm being unreasonable or if you believe that I, in any 
other way, have wrongfully addressed your particular ITP with this 
mail, let me know.

Best regards,
Frederik Dannemare | mailto:frederik@dannemare.net
http://frederik.dannemare.net | http://www.linuxworlddomination.dk

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