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Re: tkchooser

Daniel van Eeden:
> I noticed that the tkchooser package didn't have any fixes for a while.
> I personally think that it should either be fixed or removed.
Tkchooser seems like a dead project, last upstream version 
nearly 5 years old and this is still packed.

> The buglist of the maintainer of tkchooser (bridgett@debian.org) is
> quite long and does have many old bugs and a couple of NMU's. It doesn't
> have any resolved bugs.
> What can I do about it?
First you could forward all remaining bugs to upstream,
as current maintainer should had done. Perhaps upstream can waked up?
After a while without any activity from maintainer it
should be orphaned and after a while again it could removed.

I don't use it, but it seems to be a nice tool, perhaps someone
is interested in continuing development?

Kindly regards,
Erik Schanze

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