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Re: Are you still active in Debian?

Stephen Quinney <stephen@jadevine.org.uk> writes:

> Hi Philippe,
> You last did an upload for am-utils on 2003-07-27, since then one NMU
> has been done to fix an RC bug (#249666) on 2004-08-13 and it has
> since been removed from sarge for another RC bug (#274223). The most
> recent bug correspondence I can see from you is 2004-05-17.
> I am wondering if you are still active in Debian and interested in
> maintaining this package? I am aware of a number of Debian users who
> rely on am-utils and consider it very important for their systems.
> They are rather anxious that this RC bug is fixed so it will be part
> of the sarge release.
> If you do not have the time or interest in this package anymore please
> consider orphaning it so another maintainer can take up the job and
> get the package into shape for sarge.


The am-utils issue has been taken care of, courtesy of Tim Cutts

I am still very interested in am-utils, but I have lost my sarge box,
and had some recent addition to my family.  That's the best excuse I
can muster :-/


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