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Are you still active in Debian?

Hi Philippe,

You last did an upload for am-utils on 2003-07-27, since then one NMU
has been done to fix an RC bug (#249666) on 2004-08-13 and it has
since been removed from sarge for another RC bug (#274223). The most
recent bug correspondence I can see from you is 2004-05-17.

I am wondering if you are still active in Debian and interested in
maintaining this package? I am aware of a number of Debian users who
rely on am-utils and consider it very important for their systems.
They are rather anxious that this RC bug is fixed so it will be part
of the sarge release.

If you do not have the time or interest in this package anymore please
consider orphaning it so another maintainer can take up the job and
get the package into shape for sarge.


Stephen Quinney

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