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ppxp build failure

See bug http://bugs.debian.org/267927.

I only just noticed the ppxp build failure, which is i386 specific.
The -9 version was fine, but the -10 version fails.  But the -10
version only changed package descriptions and the maintainer address.
(All previous uploads were build by the maintainer on i386; I use
powerpc, so this may be that it specifically fails under the buildd on

I don't have a 386 running unstable, but to make sure the bug is
fixed, what I think should happen is someone with a 386 should see if
they can debug the problem, and then I'll upload a fixed package from
powerpc, and we can make sure the autobuilder for i386 manages

Does someone with a 386 volunteer to work out a fix?

I suspect you'll never see a problem unless you build under pbuilder
or the like.  But who knows?!


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