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NM Application for Kenneth Haase

I'm helping tbm clean up old NM applications, and it's this one's turn.

You put Kenneth on hold in November 2002 due to lack of time.  His only
package, framerd, was NMU'd in December 2002 and hasn't been touched since. 
In fact, he appears to have gone completely AWOL as at November 2002, as I
can't find any trace of him on lists.debian.org since then.  He appears to
be alive and out there, working at MIT and BeingMeta (a copy of what I
believe to be his CV is at http://www.beingmeta.com/haase_cv.html).  But I
think as far as Debian's concerned, he was a one-upload wonder.

Have you had any contact with him since you put him on hold?  Do you think
his application should be rejected, and perhaps declare him MIA and orphan
or remove his package?  It isn't exactly flying up the charts in popcon.

- Matt

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