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RFS: imgvtopgm (was orphaned, now updated, man pages translated)


To prevent another double work I post my RFS here, so QA-team get known of my work
on this package and perhaps somebody sponsor an upload.

I intent to adopted imgvtopgm (Bug #261584).
Perhaps it could also be an one-time-sponsorship, because I still have a sponsor 
for my another Palm related package, but he is actually very busy.

* Package name    : imgvtopgm
  Version         : 2.0-5
  Upstream Author : Eric Howe
* URL             : http://www.trends.net/~mu/
* License         : GPL
  Description: PalmPilot/III Image Conversion utility
 This program can convert, compress, and decompress 4-bit grayscale
 images for displaying on the PalmPilot.  It can take any pbm, pnm, pgm file
 generated by the netpbm package and convert it into a suitable image
 for the Pilot.  A suitable viewer for the Pilot or PalmIII that is freeware
 can be found at http://www.strout.net/pilotsoft/spec/index.html.


I have updated packaging stuff and translated all man pages into German.
It is lintian clean and builds fine with pbuilder. 

The package imgvtopgm_2.0-5 is located on:
or via APT:
deb http://www.erikschanze.de/debian/ ./
deb-src http://www.erikschanze.de/debian/ ./

Also any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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