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Re: Bug#257995: O: libyahoo2 -- C library interface to Yahoo Messenger protocol (shared version)

* Gopal Narayanan (gopal@debian.org) [040707 04:55]:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: normal
> I would like to orphan the libyahoo2 package. It has several
> outstanding bugs in the BTS. Many of them are likely fixed in some
> latest activities in upstream CVS, but there is as yet no new release
> since January 04. 
> The package description is:
>  libyahoo2 is a library interface to the Yahoo! instant messaging
>  protocol. It supports almost all current features of the
>  protocol. libyahoo2 is used for instance by everybuddy.
>  .
>  libyahoo2 has more advanced functionality than the older libyahoo
>  which is now discontinued as a project.
>  .
>  This package contains the shared library that you need to run
>  programs that use the libyahoo2 library.

I intend to do a QA-upload that fixes the RC-bugs in the next days,
except if someone is adopting the package faster.

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