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Re: Maybe remove gnomba?

reassign 249831 ftp.debian.org
retitle 249831 Please remove gnomba

* Raymond Wood <raywood@magma.ca> [2004-06-22 22:28]:
> > Apparently gnomba's dead upstream, and it's got a fair few open
> > bugs.
> > 
> > I believe Samba browsing is a built in function of GNOME these
> > days, so this package is probably redundant?

> FWIW I know that 'linneighborhood' provides Samba browsing
> functionality similar to gnomba.

14:42 < tbm> gnome peple?  is samba browsing integrated upstrean in
gnome now?
14:45 < JHM> tbm: gnome-vfs-extras2 includes support for "smb://"
stuff for GNOME VFS, if that's what you mean.
14:45 < tbm> JHM: the question is whether the "gnomba" package is
obsoleted by GNOME upstream nowadays.
14:46 < seb128> JHM: it's included in gnome-vfs now
14:47 < JHM> tbm: Ah. I wouldn't know that. If it is, it's probably in
nautilus which I don't use.
14:47 < seb128> gnomba is an old gtk+1.2 apps, the last release has
more than 3 years
14:47 < seb128> I would remove it

Martin Michlmayr

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