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Re: Matt Ryan: are you still active?

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 01:00:04PM +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> In a reaction to bug #233556 I asked[1] you two weeks ago to comment on a
> RC bug open against your only[2] package, ssmtp[3].
> I haven't noticed any activity or mail from you since (or since august
> 2003 for that matter).
> Please, speak up if you are still willing to maintain this package,
> otherwise, it is not unlikely someone else will take over maintainership
> of it in the near future, or the package orphaned and maybe removed from
> sarge.

I'd recommend against removing this; it's very useful for buildds.

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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