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Re: Cleaning up ITA

Hi Frank!

You wrote:

> > > You'd have to ask bas.  CCed.

> > Which package are we talking about?

> All. I offered to go through all ITAs, remove done ones, ask for status...
> Since this will take me some hours, I asked on debian-qa first
> if someone is doing this already. And tbm forwarded this question to
> you.

Ah, ok, I thought you were talking about a specific package I ITA'd or

I have some scripts on master that simplify checking the wnpp a lot.  
Feel free to use them, they're in master:~bas/WBOS.  
(No warranties of course.  Please test before sending out any real
emails:  last time I used the scripts, I send the BTS mail to the wrong
address, causing the packages@qa list to be flooded with copies of the
mail and BTS ACKs).

wbos is a script that analyses the WNPP and checks for inconsistencies
and such (sample output is on http://master.debian.org/~bas/wnpp.html).
It needs the Packages files from unstable and the BTS database.

wnpp-close, wnpp-retitle and wnpp-remind are scripts to simplify sending
the mails to the bts and anyone who's been contributing to a wnpp bug
report.  Their input is taken from the remind.input and retitle.input
files spit out by wbos.

wbos itself also spits out emails to messages/*.  I'm not sure whether
or not these are more up to dat than the ones generated by the
wnpp-{close,retitle,remind} scripts).

Kind regards,
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|----------------------------| Fingerprint: c1f5 f24c d514 3fec 8bf6 |
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