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Re: Bug#193549: What to do with this !?

* Charles Briscoe-Smith <charles@briscoe-smith.org.uk> [2003-05-29 22:53]:
> Since bock seems to be causing problems, and it's been a while since I've
> simultaneously had both the time and the inclination to do any Debian
> work, and that situation seems to be one that may continue indefinitely,
> especially since I'm now very much out of the loop on Debian matters,
> here's my "official" 2 cents as its maintainer:
>   please remove bock from testing to allow other libgc-related packages
>   to be moved into testing.

Since you say yourself that you're not particularly active anymore, I
assume you don't mind if I orhpan your packages?

Martin Michlmayr

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