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Re: retitling ITP's [round 2]

Hi Luca!

You wrote:

> > I intend to retitle those to RFPs:
> Is it the procedure?
> I mean: if no one packaged them in more than a year, it could mean there is
> no one interested in that package any more.
> More over, some of that software may no longer be developed or even exists.
> IMHO we may close those kind of reports, along with those older RFP.

Hmm, perhaps you are right.  However, my motivation to seek out the
non-active ITPs in the first place, is to give other developers a chance
to work on those packages.

You are probably right though, that RFPs should be closed after being
inactive for a while.  There are only 54 RFPs in the WNPP atm though, so
I don't this is really a problem yet.

Kind regards,
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