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Re: Maintenance upload request for package: clif

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 06:12:26AM -0500, Jay Bonci wrote:
> Good evening,
> 	I've taken the package clif fixed all of it's outstanding bugs and
> lintian errors. While I have no real intention of maintaining this
> package full-time, I would like if someone could NMU it into the
> archives, to freshen it up.
> The package and all relevant files are located at:
> 	http://jay.bonci.com/?node=clif
> 	I received some hints on #debian-devel that this might be the best
> place for these sorts of items.  If this is the case please let me know.
> 	Also, are submissions of this kind... accepted? encouraged? not the
> best way to present them?  Please let me know.  I plan on running
> general qa/cleanup on packages that look like they could use it in my
> spare time.

I'll keep an eye on it if none can do.
The best thing to do is sending a patch to BTS. That is the
preferred manner to do housekeeping for a non DD.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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