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Re: Sponsored people

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Joey asked how many sponsored people there are at the moment and since
> I didn't know I asked Colin for an estimate.  Colin did a great job,
> and came up with a list of 191 people.  While I (and he) thought this
> was a high number, it's actually accurate (take or give a few).  Now I
> wouldn't be surprised if some of those 191 people weren't active
> anymore... I just wanted to mention this here to show that this is
> actually a serious issue.  While I don't have time right now, I will
> go through this list of people at some point to find inactive people
> and orphan their packages.
> In the meantime, I have added the following to the README in
> klecker:/org/qa.debian.org/mia:

I guess, you're taking corrections, right?

> Sponsored people who are inactive
> ---------------------------------
> A major problem are sponsored people are are inactive.  They are even
                  ~~~                  ~~~ ~~~

> harder to pin down than inactive developers since no echelon information
> is not available about them, their contact details are not available on
> db.debian.org, etc.  One strategy which might be useful to find out about
> their current status is to contact the developer who has actually uploaded
> the package.  After all, they are responsible for the upload and should
> know what happened to the person they sponsored.  Furthermore, one can
> check http://nm.debian.org and see the status of the person in the NM

> process.  The site also lists the Application Manager of the applicant and
> he might have more information.
> One problem is that there is no list of sponsored people.  Colin Watson
> has used the following scripts as a starting point to find sponsored

without "has" maybe?



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