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random requests to remove packages


More and more we're getting bug reports asking for the removal of
packages not from their maintainers or you guys but from random people
who often aren't even developers[1].  The problem is I'm not
comfortable with ftpmaster making the decision of whether or not to
remove the package[2].  So... I was thinking we could either:

 (1) reassign the bug to qa.debian.org
 (2) reassign the bug to the package
 (3) close it

Personally, I think option (1) is the best bet.  You guys can close
it, reassign it back to f.d.o if you agree with the removal, reassign
it to the package or whatever you feel is appropriate.  At the very
least you'll be alerted that the package is issue-some enough for
someone to have tried to get it removed.  Whereas if we do option (2),
it's presumably as good as option (3) since if the maintainer were
reading and/or acting on his bugs, the request for removal never would
have come in.

So would (1) be okay with you?  Or do you have any better ideas?


[1] e.g. #175757
[2] On non-legal grounds, in any event.

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