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Re: Low Averge Bug Counts

Christian Kurz and I came up with some other factors that are measurable
and may need to be taken into account to increase the validity of the
data.  Just the average open unarchived bugs isn't very accurate though
I feel it's a good start.

  * severity (critical, grave, serious, important, normal, minor,
    wishlist, fixed) of bug reports 
  * status (open, forwarded, pending, fixed, done) of bug reports
  * age of bug
  * responsiveness of user (scan log for From: & Date: and compute)
  * responsiveness of maintainer (scan log and compute)

In project management there are formulas for prioritization and
scheduling that may be applicable.  I can pull out the information I


-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>

* Grant Bowman <grantbow@svpal.org> [011205 15:23]:
> Thanks to Takuo Kitame we can get a very accurate viewpoint on the 
> numbers of bugs per debian developer and each developer's average bug 
> count per package.
> 	http://www.debian.gr.jp/~kitame/maint.cgi
> I believe it would be a real boost to those developers who are doing 
> such an excellent job in keeping their packages bug-free to make some
> kind of public praising from the QA group.  I would be happy to work 
> on the wording with anyone else who would like to participate.
> Anthony, this might tie in well somehow with the freeze.
> Suggestions?
> --
> -- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>

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