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Bug#121179: xmmsarts: segfaults

On Sunday 25 November 2001 11:04 pm, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 11:02:17PM -0800, Ian Eure wrote:
> > hmmm... i just tried it, and it doesn't crash right away, but i got this
> > after playing a few songs:
> >
> > -- snip --
> > unix_connect: can't connect to server
> > (unix:/tmp/mcop-ieure/Phaktory_earth_sickfuck_org-084f-3c01d4b1)
> > unix_connect: can't connect to server
> > (unix:/tmp/mcop-ieure/Phaktory_earth_sickfuck_org-084f-3c01d4b1)
> > (The previous message was repeated 5 times.)
> > MCOP ObjectManager: can't find implementation for Arts::X11GlobalComm.
> >
> > Segmentation fault
> this may be due to something stuck around from before...hmmm
well, i just upgraded all the kde packages to the current 2.2.2 versions from 
sid, logged out & back in, and i get the same result. i play a few tracks, 
and xmms goes down. if i kill artsd & set the output to oss, it works fine.

i'm running a slightly older artsd on my $DISPLAY host, but xmmsarts is the 
only app which does this. i can use "mpg321 -o arts" and it works fine, and i 
get all the correct sounds from iconifying/restoring/shading/etc windows on 
the desktop.

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