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How to fix -src_all.deb packages?


I have seached documents at www.debian.org/devel and haven't found any description on how to build source packages (you install such non-free package with dselect/apt/dpkg and need to run build-packagename program in order to create binary package).

I want to create new dot-forward-src and fastforward-src packages. This may close 3 bugs in BTS (68806, 96501, 96502). I can also try to get rid of lintian errors or warnings on these packages.

W: dot-forward-src: link-to-undocumented-manpage usr/share/man/man1/build-dot-forward.1.gz
W: dot-forward-src: no-section-field
W: dot-forward-src: no-priority-field
E: dot-forward-src: debian-changelog-file-contains-user-emacs-settings

But someone else will need to upload the packages. I am not official Debian Maintainer.
Tomas Kuliavas

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