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Bug#120447: faqomatic: [patch] fix for Language_de

Package: faqomatic
Version: 2.711-2


Here is a quick fix to workaround the format problems in the file.

--- Language_de_iso8859_1.pm.bak	Wed Nov 21 14:22:15 2001
+++ Language_de_iso8859_1.pm	Wed Nov 21 14:28:01 2001
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@
 msgid "If you want to change the CGI stub to point to another directory, edit the script and then\n"
 msgstr "Wenn Sie den CGI-Abschnitt in einem anderem Verzeichnis ablegen möchten, editieren Sie das Skript und dann\n"
-msgud "click here to use the new location"
+msgid "click here to use the new location"
 msgstr "klicke hier, um das neue Verzeichnis zu benutzen"
 msgid "FAQ-O-Matic stores files in two main directories.<p>The <b>meta/</b> directory path is encoded in your CGI stub ($0). It contains:"
@@ -1240,9 +1240,9 @@
 	my @txs = grep { m/^msg/ } split(/\n/, $txfile);
 	for (my $i=0; $i<@txs; $i+=2) {
-		$txs[$i] =~ m/msgid \"(.*)\"$/;
+		$txs[$i] =~ m/msgid \"(.*)\"/;
 		my $from = $1;
-		$txs[$i+1] =~ m/msgstr \"(.*)\"$/;
+		$txs[$i+1] =~ m/msgstr \"(.*)\"/;
 		my $to = $1;
 		if (not defined $from or not defined $to) {
 			die "bad translation at pair $i";

The first is a simple typo, and the second relaxes the format, so that
all string get parsed correctly.

The Language_fr.pm has both problems too!

Please apply this patch and fix it for the french version too.

Regards, David Schmitt

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