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Bug#118527: Kmix shows more tabs than soundcards

Package: kmix
Version: 2.2.1-1.4

Kmix shows more tabs than souncards, where some of the tabs only say 'Invalid 
mixer "Mixer name"'.

This happens when using 2 ES1371 cards (Creative PCI 128) where three tabs 
with "Ensoniq Es1371" appear, all invalid and two other show "Cirrus Logic 
blablabla" and "SigmaTel Stac........" which are probably the names of the 
actual mixer chips in the cards.

Using the builtin sound in a Via686b motherboard also gives an invalid mixer 
tab besides the actual one. This is highly anoying.

I checked and it must happen because I have entries for mixers in /dev that 
aren't really mixers.

Gmix doesn't show this behaviour so I consider this to be a bug.

I am running today's unstable with a 2.4.13 kernel and libc6  2.2.4-5.

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