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Bug#118138: seaview; Please build-depend on libforms-dev

Package: seaview
Version: 0.0-6
Severity: normal

Your package uses the older version 0.88 of XForms.  I asked the
XForms mailing list if we should consider 0.89 as the stable
version and got this answer from Steve Lamont:

: That's a good question and one that I can't answer definitively.  0.88
: should be considered obsolete and deprecated.  It contains numerous bugs.

Combine this with these facts:

 - The binary builds of 0.88 are very old. The m68k and sparc
   builds are even glibc2.0-based.

 - No new arch (e.g. ia64) will get a 0.88 build.

As the Debian maintainer of the XForms, I'm asking you to build
against version 0.89 (e.g. build-depend on libforms-dev) unless you
have a very compelling reason.  At some point, possibly before
the release of woody, I will ask the archive maintainer to
_remove_ the libforms0.88 packages.


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