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Time for another bugsquash?

Considering that woody is partly frozen, we have an awful lot of
release-critical bugs (442 at the time of writing). It's been a long
time since the last bug-squashing party, so how do people feel about
holding another one?

I suggest two weekends from now (Saturday 10th November / Sunday 11th
November), since that gives us about enough time to contact maintainers
and so on. (Although I suggest people have a look in advance at what
they might want to work on and drop people mails about it - doing things
en-masse can give a bad impression and results in whoever did it having
a very full mailbox.)

Obviously helping with base/standard/task bugs has priority. Look at
http://base.debian.net/ and http://standard.debian.net/ and be afraid.
There are also a large number of "easy" bugs currently outstanding,

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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