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ddts: notification about fr translation of the libmalaga2 description


This is merely an automated notification mail from the ddts 'Debian Description
Translation Server'.

A translator recently uploaded a new version of the description of this
package. The descriptions are included below.

No action is required on your part; unless you want to use your veto right
on this text (see below), it will be added to our database, and will be ready
for use.

If you notice any problems with the translation, please contact the translator
directly or its team.

If you want to use your veto right on this text and remove this translation
from the server send a mail to
with the subject line 
	VETO <id> <lang_postfix>
Replace	'<id>' with the id from the attachment and '<lang_postfix>' with 
the lang postfix (see subject of this mail). 

If you don't like this mail in future send mail to
with the subject line 
	NONOTIFICATION <package> all
Replace	'<package>' with the package name. 

For more information about the ddts, please visit our page:
If you have problems with this mail or the ddts mechanism, or if you think
this could be improved, please contact me directly:

Thanks for your attention.

#from: philippe.trbich@free.fr
#id: 7390e0cbea4480d56d69300a72d7fbfc
#lang_postfix: fr
#packages: libmalaga2
Description: An automatic language analysis library
 Malaga is a system for implementing natural language analysers:
 both grammars and morphologies can be created.
 You do not need this package unless some other package depends
 on it - in which case the Debian installation tools will let
 you know.
 This package contains the shared library supporting other
 programs that use the Malaga engine.  Malaga itself does
 not use this library.
Description-fr: Une bibliothèque d'analyse automatique de langage
 Malaga est un système pour implémenter des analyseurs de langages naturels :
 les grammaires et les morphologies peuvent être créées ensemble. Vous
 n'avez pas besoin de ce paquet à moins que d'autres paquets ne s'appuient
 dessus - auquel cas, l'outil d'installation de Debian vous le fera savoir.
 Ce paquet contient la bibliothèque partagée supportant d'autres programmes
 qui utilisent le moteur Malaga. Ce dernier n'utilise pas la bibliothèque.

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