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Re: rscheme: help needed

>>>>> "g" == Gergely Nagy <8@free.bsd.hu> writes:

    g> Hi there!

Hi Gergely.

    g> I'm struggling with building rscheme, however, it seems it is
    g> too though for me. First of all, it build-depends on itself: it
    g> requires an installed rscheme to build. When it comes to
    g> `compile' some of its sources, using the installed rscheme, it
    g> dies with SIGBUS.

I find the dependency on the previous version of rscheme a gross hack.
Did you have the chance to talk to the previous maintainer and/or to
upstream and see if this is the correct behaviour?  For what I
gathered from the INSTALL file, make stage0 (which is alredy in
debian/rules) should generate a temporary rs 'compiler', much like
when you compile gcc.

The debian/rules file talks about a problem in that *not* using an
existing rscheme would cause the final binaries to have hardcoded
paths inside.  If that's true, I think this is a bug to be corrected
and/or reported upstream, and not something to circumvent this way.

    g> I don't know rscheme, and since I can't even build an
    g> unstripped version (maybe I could, if I had the time :/), I'm
    g> pretty hopeless.

    g> The work I have done so far is attached to this e-mail, if
    g> anyone has any idea, or can fix the package, please do it!

Why exactly can't you build the package?  A log of the build would be

By the way, I think that it's not correct to put the definion of
OPEN_MAX in process.c.  I think we should 


in the file, as the inclusion of limits.h clearly indicates that
rscheme people want to play by the rules. ;)


Andrea Glorioso

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