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Bug#97684: Problem with csh and "set"

Package: csh
Version: 5.26-10

Debian Version: 2.2r3
Kernel: 2.2.17

	Our test system makes strong use of the "set" command to get a
list of files to test against.  Using our previous version of Debian,
Debian 2.1, this worked quite nicely.  Using this construct on other
Linux distributions, or on Unix, works.  However, I have been unable to
run our test suite on Debian since I had our test system upgraded to
Debian 2.2.

	set args = (*.f  *.f90 *.for *.of* *.F *.F90)
	foreach i ($args)
	    <do the test>

	It appears that if the shell can't match one of these file
specifications then it fails the whole command, resulting in "args"
containing no filenames.

	Thank you for your time in looking at this,

		- Lorri Menard
	              Compaq Fortran development

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