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Bug#96667: ifrench: not amenable to autobuilding

En réponse à Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org>:

> Package: ifrench
> Version: 1.4-7
> The arm autobuilder isn't able to compile this package.  It fails at:
> debian/yada generate maintscripts ifrench
> umask 022 && dpkg-gencontrol -isp -pifrench -Pdebian/tmp-ifrench
> dpkg-gencontrol: failure: chown new files list file: Operation not
> permitted
> make: *** [debian/tmp-ifrench/DEBIAN/control] Error 1
> Building it manually as root seems to work fine.

Like all packages that use yada, this one has to be rebuilt against the
latest yada. I'm taking the maintainership of this package and I'm planning
to get rid of yada.

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