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Bug#96502: Man page for build-dot-forward

Package: dot-forward-src
Tags: patch

Tomas Kuliavas
.TH build-dot-forward 1

build-dot-forward \- helper script for building dot-forward binary package

.B build-dot-forward

\fBbuild-dot-forward\fP script prompts user to enter all
the necessary parameters, builds and installs (if user says so) 
\fBdot-forward\fP package. It can be run by root or non-root user.
If script is run by root, it asks about:
.IP \fB*\fP
temporary directory used for unpacking program sources and 
building \fBdot-forward\fP package. Default is \fI/tmp/dot-forward\fP.
User must have write access to this directory. If directory doesn't
exist, user must have write access to the directory above. 

If directory exists, script will ask permission to use this directory.
Default option is \fIN\fP (no, don't use existing directory). Other
option is \fIy\fP (use existing directory and override the files 
that reside in that directory).
.IP \fB*\fP
permission to build the package. It's enough to press \fIENTER\fP
.IP \fB*\fP 
if binary package is created during build process, script 
asks user's permission to remove all files except binary package 
in directory used for building package. Default is \fIY\fP (yes).
Other option is \fIn\fP (no, don't cleanup directory). 
.IP \fB*\fP 
user's permission to install \fBdot-forward\fP package. Default is
\fIY\fP (yes, install). Other option is \fIn\fP (no, don't install)
.IP \fB*\fP 
user's permission to remove \fBdot-forward-src\fP package. Default 
is \fIN\fP (no, don't remove). Other option is \fIy\fP (yes, remove
source package).

If script is run by non-root user, additional questions about
\fBfakeroot\fP or \fBsudo\fP usage are asked.
Non-root user can build package only if \fBfakeroot\fP is installed
or if this user can use \fBsudo\fP to gain root user privileges.
Non-root user can install builded binary package only if \fBsudo\fP 
is installed and if this user can use \fBsudo\fP to gain root privileges.

For more information about \fBdot-forward\fP see:

This script is licensed under the GPL

Script was originally written by Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>
This manual page was written by Tomas Kuliavas 
<tokul@bigfoot.com> for the Debian GNU/Linux system, 
but may be used elsewhere under the GPL.

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