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Bug#96309: lm-sensors: should not depend on makedev

Package: lm-sensors
Version: 2.5.4-12
Severity: normal

As I use devfs I have no need of makedev.  I believe that this package should
depend on makedev|devfsd so that devfs users don't need makedev.

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Kernel Version: Linux lyta 2.4.4 #1 Sat Apr 28 19:57:28 CEST 2001 i686 unknown

Versions of the packages lm-sensors depends on:
ii  libc6          2.2.2-4        GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libsensors1    2.5.4-12       Library to read temperature/voltage/fan sens
ii  makedev        2.3.1-52       Creates special device files in /dev.

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