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Re: Some /usr/doc NMUs coming up

Colin Watson <cjw44@flatline.org.uk> wrote:
> I'm going to NMU some orphaned packages soon to fix up their FHS status
> and set their maintainer to QA if necessary. In particular, if no-one
> else has done them already, I'll do bezerk, bridge, echo-linux,
> freefont, nasm-mode, python-pmw, sharefont, swish-e, tcl8.0-ja,
> tk8.0-ja, and type1inst.

As an interesting side note, some of these packages have bugs filed against
them that seem quite easy to fix:

#70165: automatic build fails for potato

#17153: bridge.postinst error (fwd)
#22883: bridge: copyright file still in /usr/doc/copyright
#70212: automatic build fails for potato
#78451: small bug in Potato, /etc/init.d/bridge
#84513: failed to build from source
#91124: man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man

#70823: wrong permissions

#61577: python-pmw: new upstream version

#35406: /usr/doc/swish/* aren't world readable.
#78060: swish-e: the package is greatly obsolete
#91055: man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man

#66455: [woody] not installable any more
#90208: tcl8.0-ja: build failure on sparc
#91042: man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man

#49491: tk8.0-ja: Can't build from source
#66299: Patch for tk8.0-ja compilation on Alpha
#74191: depends on nonexistent package
#91047: man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man

#91051: man page in /usr/man should move to /usr/share/man

Another thought, bridge contains the userspace tools for operating an ethernet
bridge on Linux 2.0, we have have not supported the 1.x versions of the Linux
kernel for some time, is it about time that we dropped the support for version

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