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RE: Auto. security upgrades

I'm not sure removing a package on hold is a good thing,
after all the admin places it on hold as a specific action
to indicate that normal package management should not
touch it until the admin decides otherwise.

Maybe, if a prompt could be arranged...
It should default to leaving the package on hold, however.


Thierry Laronde <thierry.laronde@polynum.com> 20 Feb, 2000 19:58
> I had, a few weeks before, suggested to add some `Stake' file 
> to handle 
> automatically the security alerts, or withdrawning decisions.
> Hamish Moffat has suggested not to disrupt the packaging tools, and to
> try to implement this using the existing tools. Hamish was right, of
> course :) I've just discovered the existence of the `override' file,
> which seems to be exactly what is necessary.
> The idea is simple. If a package has to be removed, or is no longer 
> supported by Debian-QA Team, it would be feasible to just override
> the good tags, like this :
> Conflicts: libc6(<=, libc6(>
> and to propose an `updated' version, which replaces the old 
> one by a kind
> of dummy package just advertising the decision of the Debian-QA Team.
> I think that the `Conflicts:' field would also operate on a `hold'
> package, but I'm not sure.
> Any comments ?

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