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Re: package sysutils_1.3.6.1.deb depends "perl5" ??

Le Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 06:58:55PM +0100, Gabriele Kayser écrivait:
> Hallo Remco,


>   No, the problem is not solved, because this packages ar named
>   "perl" an *NOT* "perl5". If I try to install package
>   "sysutils_1.3.6.1.deb" I get Dependency-Problem-Message, because on
>   my system is no package named "perl5" installed only named "perl"
>   (Version: 5.004.04-7.0.1).
>   I think there is a failure in the Dependency-Definiton of the
>   package "sysutils_1.3.6.1.deb" - the dependency have to be "perl (>=
>   ???)" and not "perl5" ?!

Definitely NOT ! Please read the packaging manual and learn how Debian
dependencies work. perl5 is a virtual package provided by both perl-5.004
and perl-5.005. No packages in Debian potato should depend on perl since
this is a fake & empty package ... You have to install perl-5.005 in
order to satisfy perl5 dependencies.

You can also check the new debian perl policy :

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