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Re: Bug#55982: penguineyes: has completely crashed my box the only two times I have used it

> Package: penguineyes
> Version: 0.9-2
> Severity: critical
> ive only ran this package twice and both times it has crashed my box.  it
> has completely killed my machine, i cant even change to a vt.  it
> just so happens that i was accessing the cdrom drive both times that it
> crashed.  hopefully this will be of some help.

Does this happen to anyone else?  The submitter tells me it happens to
him in tuxeyes too.

penguineyes just got dropped from potato due to this bug, but if it
doesn't happen to anyone else I think the bug severity could be
downgraded and the package put back.

It doesn't look like penguineyes does anything particularly wild and I
doubt the problem is actually anything specific it's doing.

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