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Re: packages for removal from woody

On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Josip Rodin wrote:

>      * By Christoph Lameter (clameter@debian.org):
>          (612 Days Orphaned)
>              mserver -- Network Modem Server
>              optimizer -- Assembler Code optimizer for MMX, PPro and
>                     Pentium (non-free)
>              shaper -- Traffic shaper for 2.1.x kernels
>              sharefont -- Shareware font selection for X11 (non-free)
>              smb-nat -- SMB Network Analysis Tool
> Almost two years... ugh :) Christoph returned to Debian work long ago, but
> these packages haven't been updated recently (only shaper, updated for 2.2
> kernel).

AFAIK all these packages have no serious problems. They are not orphaned
anymore since I am active again. If there are bugs that you consider
serious then I will take care of these.

I did an orphan all a while back. These must be remnants.

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