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Y2k problem in perl 5.004.04-7


I'm using Debian 2.1 with perl 5.004.04-7, I'm new to perl so I'm not
sure if I'm doing something wrong (I don't think so). I've written this
little script to get the actual date in the "day - month - year" format,
I'm sure there are others ways but ...


use Time::localtime;

$day = (localtime(time())->mday);
$month = (localtime(time())->mon);
$year = (localtime(time())->year);
$date = "$day-$month-$year";
printf("Actual date %s\n", $date);

When I execute the script I obtain the following output
$ ./test.pl
Actual date 22-0-100

And the real date is
$ date
Sat Jan 22 14:28:29 CET 2000

I think this is the right place to annouce this problem, if not please
don't blame on me and redirect this problem to the right place, if it's
my wrong understanding of the problem I'm sorry for bothering you.

Thanks a lot


P.S: I'm not on the list, please copy me in the replys

Rodrigo Fernández-Vizarra Bonet
    e-mail: rodrigofv@jazzfree.com

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