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What Debian-qa policy for sorting packages?


I have looked at some orphaned packages ( cgi-scripts ITR later, sysutils 
ITA) and was considering playmidi too. My problem is the following :

- Playmidi is still used by some people (I made a mini-survey on 
debian-french) but it seems that the main cause of its use is the 
straightforward name of the package : when one looks for a program 
which *plays midi* files, the result is obvious;
- There are numerous pending bugs, but upstream dependant;

- There is an alternative --- timidity --- that is:
* equal or more free ;
* does the same or more things ;
* IIRC more actively under development ;
* heaviest because it does software emulation ;
* but then also hardware independant.

One of the problem is that the name is definitively less obvious.

So my question : what is Debian-qa team's policy about this ? Do you 
prefer to have less packages, but the *best* (freeness, usefullness, 
actively maintained and developed ---I personnaly prefer a usefull 
non-free one to a useless absolutely free beast), or do you think that 
we must have the largest choice, each package being maintained as good 
as it can be?

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