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dpkg | dselect | apt : debian-qa fields planned?


Is there any plan to add some debian-qa fields to handle the packages removed
or withdrawned, so that the user know why he can't find anymore some package |
can't upgrade | is strongly suggested to remove it for security reasons.

Something like that :

Package : spammall
Section : withdrawned
Security : quiet | removed /* can keep ; MUST remove */
Replacement : none | package [| package]
Description : explanations.

The Security flag could be of a wider use (in order to automatically alert
the user about a strongly recommended [up|down]grade when he uses, say,

These headers could not necessarily be put in Packages.gz, but --- it would
be easier to maintain --- in another file, say stake.gz ( stake : Security
Team and quality-Assurance Keep or Exclude file).

Am I absolutely off topic, or is this already implemented in some way ?

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