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Package cgi-scripts : bugs easy, but is it worth ?


I'm having a look to a few orphaned packages, including cgi-scripts.

There are two bugs.
Bug #47708 about mailto.pl which is something easy to address. By the way, with
a little work, this perl script is the only thing that is worth in the 

Actually, 75% of the scripts seem to be here just to exaggerate the size of
the package : archie | fortune | finger | uptime | calendar | date are
basic Bourne Shell scripts invoking a command !

test-cgi and nph-test-cgi are, really, the same script ( two lines of header
is the difference).

wais.pl seems useless.

Plus, there are pieces of c programs in /usr/doc/cgi-scripts ( I'm still on
Slink :-^), that seem of some use, but the programs are not compiled at
installation time, and there is absolutely no documentation.

My question is : is it allowed to *heavily* modify a package ( keep --- and 
modify --- mailto.pl, look of the c programs), remove almost everything else, 
and add new stuff ( like a ldate ( locale date) c program using the strftime() 
function with as an argument ll_LL), new Perl scripts, etc...

And this would address the second bug #47709 : scripts out of age.

But this would be something else, and I'm not quite sure that cgi-scripts would
be a very good name ( cgi-programs would be better).

Thank you for your advice.
website : http://www.polynum.com

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