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Embedded PPC 603e

Hi all,

My name is David Whipple.  I am a electrical
engineering student at UC, Irvine working on a Linux
project (Mot PPC 603e) and am in need of a bit of

We are trying to port the Linux OS to run on a
Motorola MPC603e (similar to the MPC8xx boards) .  The
Debian project 


seems to offer a great solution for us.  

Do any of you have any experience w/ this port that
are willing to help us?  We are trying to load the
Linux kernel and a few other services (http, etc.) on
to the board.

Do you have any advice or suggestions on the
distribution that would fit our porject?  Can we
expect to compile the code found @ Debian with ease?

Thanks so much in advance!
David Whipple

Here is the board itself-->

         David R. Whipple

 University of California, Irvine
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