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Bugs in textutils

Hi Galen, 

When going through the release critical bugs list I noticed that your
"textutils" package has a lot of open bugs. As it is part of the base
system I think we should get that straightened out. 

There are many bugs which are very old on the list so it seems you do
not currently have the time to maintain it properly. Please tell me if
you are to busy to work on it - then the Debian QA Group will take care
of that bugs and coordinate a new upload with you.

The most important bug seems to be #43610 which is release critical.
There is no action on your part recorded in the BTS. As I think this is
a valid problem with tsort I will forward the problem upstream now in
the hope we get a fast response. 

Should upstream not reply in time we need to think of the problem again
and check if the tsort of textutils should be replaced with the one from


    Torsten for the Debian QA Group

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