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Bug#44274: this package is not native

Package: cgi-scripts
Version: debian unstable as of 4 Sep 99

It seems that cgi-scripts is not really a debian native package; examination
of the copyright file shows that the sources for it were obtained from
elsewhere, not written by a debian developer. And yet, in the debian
archive, there is only a cgi-scripts.tar.gz, not a cgi-scripts.orig.tar.gz.

Any package that's not a native package is supposed to have a .orig.tar.gz
file and an accompanying .diff.gz file that contains any debian changes.
(See section 3.3 of the policy manual for details.) This has a number of
benefits, including letting people see what changes were made for debian,
and making it easy to apply those changes to new upstream versions of the

Please download the pristine upstream source of cgi-scripts, and use it to
create a .orig.tar.gz file, and then rebuild your package with
"dpkg-buildpackage -sa" so that the .orig.tar.gz file will be uploaded to
the debian archive.

(I realize there might be situtations where doing that is not possible, or I
may have misidentified your package as having this problem when it is really
a native package. If so, simply close this semi-autogenerated bug report.) 

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