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Re: Signature for QA?

On Wed, Mar 31, 1999 at 02:49:18PM +0200, Christian Kurz wrote:
> > Unique PGP/GPG signature? That would mean we'd all have to share
> > the ring files for PGP/GPG... Anyhow, I don't need a signed message
> > to ask someone to do a NMU.
> No, I don't thought of PGP/GPG for this

Phew... :)

> only about a signature, that
> tells the maintainer, that the person, who contaced him works in the
> QA-Team and contacts him, because there's a problem with his package. I
> think, that this would make it easier for the other maintainers to see,
> who contacts them. And I don't thought this only for asking about NMUs.
> Instead I meant this for every mail, that you as a member of the
> QA-Team, write to a maintainer to fix or discuss a bug. Opinions?

Well, this would be useful. If the QA people would mail messages with
small introduction, like:


Hello, I am <insert name>, Debian developer, and member of Debian
Quality Assurance (QA) Group. We have noticed some errors in your
package(s) <insert list>, version <insert exact version>, and we'd
like you to fix them, thus closing bug report(s) <insert numbers>.

What you should do is <insert description of fixes>

If you aren't capable of correcting these errors right now, just
reply saying that you can't do it, and someone will step in and
do it for you. Since these are bugs of <insert priority> priority,
you must know that we will be forced to upload if you don't do
anything within <insert number> days.

Of course, developer who actually makes the upload for you, will
notify you of it by submitting a report to the bug tracking system,
describing his changes and supplying a diff/patch. Once you release
your new revision including his patches, you should close his bug
report in the bug tracking system.

Thank you.


How about it?

enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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