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Bug#35287: ibritish: American spellings allowed, British ones rejected

Package: ibritish
Version: 3.1.20-0.6

The ibritish dictionary systematically accepts American spellings, but may
reject British ones.

For example, when checking the following file:

color colour theatre theater catalog catalogue kerb curb organisation
organization licence license defence defense,

ibritish not only accepts all non-British spellings (`color', `theater' etc.),
but also complains about the perfectly valid spelling of the word `kerb'!



-- System Information
Debian Release: potato
Kernel Version: Linux genie 2.2.4 #3 Thu Mar 25 19:28:44 GMT 1999 alpha unknown

Versions of the packages ibritish depends on:
ii  ispell          3.1.20-0.6     An interactive spelling corrector

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