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Re: Reviving Debian QA

John Lapeyre wrote:
> *Martin Schulze wrote:
> >  . Check if all packages providing user programs (X11 or not) come
> >    with menu files
> > 
> >    - Such packages have to call update-menus in their postinst and
> >      prerm scripts
> 	Lintian does this. (ie, if menu entry is there, it checks for
> calling menu-updates.) (This brings up the ever increasing inadequacy of the
> current section system, but that is another story...)

Lintian doesn't send mail or notify the maintainer.  Some maintainers
doesn't even know about the lintian pages for their packages or the
bug pages for their packages.

In order to improve this I've asked dark to add a lintian check to
the dinstall run and the maintainer will get its output appended
to the mail which is sent back to him.  Richard needs some features
for lintian first, though.

> > If you find packages which lack support for some of the features
> > mentioned above the proper action would be to file a wishlist bug
> > report.  The bug report has to point to accurate documentation or
> > better include a description of the missing feature and a description
> > how to solve this.  It would be best if the report would include a
> > proper patch/menu file/doc file etc.
>  I still think that not having a home page url in the description (if the
> url exists) merits a wishlist bug.  It is useful to browse the home page
> from the package description pages before deciding whether to download.




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