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Re: List of bugs that *must* be fixed before releasing Hamm

On Fri, May 29, 1998 at 08:09:54PM +0100, James Troup wrote:
> Yet earlier, JHM wrote: 
> > > egcc              17768  libc6 bug in mathematical functions [114]  (Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>)
> > 
> > Fixing this bug exceeds my capabilities. I have send a message to the
> > egcs-bugs list asking them to look into the current reports, but have
> > received no responses.
> Curious.  The much vaunted "bazaar" method failing to deliver any
> noticeable gain over the Unspeakably Evil "cathedral"?

More like lack of patience on my part. One patch has been accepted (the
location of the "trampolines" paper), and one problem is fixed in the
current CVS tree (method name "malloc" causes internal compiler error when

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