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I am working on setting up a Linux based firewall using Debian.  I 
on turning all my info over to the Firewall HowTo maintainer when I'm 

I was working on nailing down the proper packages for a Debian 
"bastion" system
and was wondering if you could help me catagorize the package you 

I am using 5 catagories A to E:

******dialog******* is catagory:	 
			             your answer here 

A) _req_ = package or utility required for Debian to run at all.

B) _nec-build_ = package needed to build the bastion host but will be 
removed after
              bastion host is finished as it is a security risk...ie 
perl, gcc.

C) _nec-run_ = package will provide essential services on a running 
bastion host.

D) _cut_ = common utility that is not useful or appropriate for a 
bastion host.

E) _?_ = utility that I'm really not sure what to do with.

Henry thinks this package goes in catagory: E

If you could assign your package to one of these catagories and if 
possible give
a brief comment about why it fits that catagory it would be a great 
help to me.

There Your Done!!!  I hope this hasn't been to much of an imposition.  
If you'd like
to see my entire list of package catagories for a bastion host let me 
know in your reply,
I welcome all commentary. I have 135 packages installed ie "standard" 
that I'm working 

Thankyou  Henry Hollenberg  speed@barney.iamerica.net

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