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Unidentified subject!

From: anakkedua@themail.com
Subject: making REAL MONEY just by reading e-mails. (really works)
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Date: Thu,  1 Feb 2001 09:35:43 -0500

making REAL MONEY just by reading e-mails. (really works)

  Okey, you might've already heard about that a lot, and you might be little skeptical about it, or you might not even care about it and think it's a bullshit. But' I tell you what, someone I know, really, and I mean REALLY got PAID. I'll even show you the cheque he was PAID by in the other part of this article ( attachment : check2.jpg ).

 For those who are not interested in making REAL MONEY with e-mails, what can I say, the choice is yours. And for those who are interested in, well, welcome aboard, I'm about to tell you how to do it in a quite less time than it usually takes.

 Just follow my step by step instructions, and you won't be sorry.


   simply click this URL or copy it to the address bar, and sign up for their free e-mail service :



   this is the harder part, make another or two e-mail addresses which will become your 1st tiers (you'll know this when you have already signed up). You can do this by copying the URL located in your $STATS feature inside your e-mail account, and sign up for your new e-mail addresses,  i.e. tierz1@themail.com, tierz2@themail.com, etc. And these addresses are what we're going to use to subscribe to as many mailing lists as possible.


   subscribe those addresses (your 1st tiers addresses) to as many mailing list as possible, i.e www.onelist.com, www.egroups.com, etc. And I'll give you a very recommended mailing list below, hundreds of new e-mails are sent everyday, guarantee it.


   open the messages you received from the mailing list, hundreds of messages, and you can delete it afterwards. You don't have to read it you just have to open it. The more e-mails you open the more MONEY you can make.


   dont forget to REFER to your friend, refer to as many persons as possible, because the more persons you refer, the more MONEY you can make. You can refer it by using the 'Tell More Friends' feature available in themail.com user account.


   make an article like this one, only you include your referral ID instead of mine, and post it to as many mailing group/list as possible. But remember, this REFERRAL program works because HONEST people like yourself really did sign up under their predecessor's referral ID. So please, dont mind including the referral ID of the persons who really did refer to you. Afterall, you will need people to include your ID too, right ?



 Yeah, that's right, trust me, because someone I know really made it with this method.
 Okey, Welcome my friend, welcome aboard. You can start your first STEP by clicking the URL below, and sign up.


THE MAILING LIST RECOMMENDED : www.debian.org/mailinglists/subscribe

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