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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for November 26, 1999

>> >   49887  apache: typo in config prevents startup
>> This is an very easy to fix bug, but there hasn't been any reaction from
>> the maintainer since 14 days. Johnie, do you fix this within three days
>> or can we make a NMU?

If this is so easy to fix NMU it immediately; consensus on IRC is this
is a non-bug and could never have happened.

>> >   45428  apache-common: mod_mime.so depends on /etc/apache/mime.types
>> Could someone please examine this issue and provide a solution? It seems

This was fixed with 1.3.9-10 on Oct. 30.

>> >   50885  no longer allows specification of cleartext from command line
>> I think this should be forwarded to the upstream for fixing it.

No kidding -- the bug is marked forwarded.  Here we have a RC bug
thats a request for a feature removed because it was a earlier RC bug
that the feature existed.  :-)

>> >   46082  watchdog: watchdog - unexpected shutdowns
>> It seems like we have a good explanation of the Bug in the BTS. Johnie,
>> do you need help to get it fixed?

I would have preferred a response from Michael Meskes before patching
his code, but looks like we're out of time.

>> >   51063  qtss_3-2(unstable): build problems
>> This bug results in some work and examination to get it fixed.

By a C++ weenie; parts compile on Rhapsody but not Linux.

>> >   46695  proftpd: Still configured anonymous access when I
>> Isn't this one a bug in debconf?

Heh, the simplest solution is to fall back to classic prompting.  :-)


"Should we make year 2000 compliance a goal for potato?"

Making this a release goal will be counterproductive, since such a project
would delay the release until sometime in 2000.
        -- Richard Braakman

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